Sweet N Fun was founded in 2000 by Vincent Thai, a well versed toy maker With a vision to provide world-class manufacturing services in novelty Confectionery field. The company is now one of Asia’s leading manufacturers and distributors of Novelty Confectionary and Gumball Dispensers worldwide. Our mission at Sweet N Fun is to deliver added value through people, products, services and partnerships.

Our extensive experience with designing and manufacturing has allowed us to deliver innovative top quality products to customers worldwide. We provide OEM/ODM services for a full range of novelty confectionery and gumboil dispensers. Our manufacturing facilities are audited and certified by major US and European retailers, brand customers an Licensors. Our products are tested and pass the required safety protocol for major markets worldwide. We are well known in the licensing industry and currently manufacturing products for famous brands such as but not limited to Disney, Hasbro, M&Ms, Garfield, Warner Brothers and Universal Studio. We strive to continue our strong commitment of excellence by making great product and maintaining our valued customer relationships. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance. We would welcome any opportunity to work with you.